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i knock on the door and you open, standing aside for me to enter.

the expectations have been made clear in advance and although I am doing my best to “check you out”, I walk past and make my way into the darkened room as I you have previously instructed me.
i hear the door close and turn to look at you, again I am impeded – you have drawn the curtains to the room and my eyes are still adjusting to the darkness… yours, however, are working just fine…  as I stand there I feel your hand slide across my chest   “take it off” you instruct, referring to my shirt.
i do as you ask… straining my eyes to see you, what you are wearing, your heels, skirt, stockings, blouse.. 
you circle me once more before stopping to lean against the desk, watching me intently as my pants open and drop to the ground.
I continue undressing for you as you look on.   my eyes have adjusted – i see you now,,, you   look stunning.  your legs in black nylon, sexy black heels, a black skirt  and white blouse..   I begin to grow in size at the sight..  the bulge visible through my boxers, which you then instruct me to remove
with a slight hesitation I bend to pull them down, standing again to expose myself fully to you, fully clothed,,, my cock erect and extending towards you…
you look at me and smile… I have demonstrated I am willing to do whatever you want.  you can have me at anytime, any part of me,,, my body is yours and for your pleasure…  I hope this pleases you.. as I am truly willing to do anything for you.
I watch as you part your legs slightly and run your hand down and back up your stocking leg
“i want to see how hard your cock will get for me” you say,,, your body slipping up onto the desk, your legs parting again, briefly, as if tempting me to look
I of course take the bait and you snap your legs shut, teasing me…   
“you want to see up my skirt, dont you?” you ask, taunting me
“yes, very much”
“”then drop to your knees and ask me nicely” you reply…
without thinking i drop to my knees and ask
I am half expecting you to torture me but instead you stand and walk directly towards me, stopping inches from me,,, your pelvis directly before my face.
“put your hands behind your back.  I don’t want you to be tempted” you instruct.
I do as you say and you bend slightly, your hair falling into my face, i smell your perfume and my head spins,,,  you elegantly take hold of your skirt and begin lifting it,,, higher and higher,,, right before my face.   
my eyes look on in amazement as your luscious legs continue to materialize from beneath the material,,, they grow longer and longer until your skirt is around your waste and I am rewarded with the sight of your pussy covered only by your seamless pantyhose
i remain motionless, not wanting my view to be disturbed,,, yet you have other ideas.
“you like that?”  you ask 
“oh god yes” i respond
“you want to smell me?”
“yes, please”
“taste me?”
“you want to lick me, don’t you?”
“yes,,, please” I respond, my voice expressing the desire I am feeling
without warning I feel your hand on the back of my head, you pull me in and my nose and face press through the thin material and against you…   you hold me there, tight against you.   
“Breathe” you instruct, calmly..
I inhale deeply.   your scent fills my nose and heads straight to my brain… I feel my cock swell with desire yet I keep my hands behind my back as you have instructed.
again and again I inhale.   You have started to grind against my face slightly… this only spreads your moisture and enhances the experience for me.
then as quickly as you began, you end it,,,, pulling my head back from you and stepping away.
“get on the bed” you command.
I do as I am told.  you further instruct me to lay on my back, my cock in the air
you remove your skirt and unbutton your blouse before joining me.  you lay beside me, but opposite, your head at my waste, your eyes enjoying the sight of the precum that has formed on the tip of my cock.
“play with yourself, i want to watch” you instruct as you lay on your side, facing me, your head propped up on your hand/arm as if you are settling in to enjoy a show.
i reach down and take my cock in my hand,,, my attention turned to the side and your pantyhose-clad legs that are extending past my head.
i hear you moan in approval of my self-pleasuring actions and watch as your legs open and your hand slips down and into your pantyhose,,, you begin rubbing yourself as well
I become aware how the room is silent except for our heavy breathing and the repetitive sound pattern of your fingers/ sliding in and out of your wetness..   
i feel your head drop down onto my thigh as your stretch to reach deep between your legs…  our movements and actions in unison,,, you speed up as I do, my intensity increases with yours..  I feel your breath against my balls, feeling your head so close to me, but not touching,,, I want to see how close you are, but I do not look, instead completely mesmerized by the sight of your wet fingers appearing and disappearing from your box.
your moaning has increased and i can feel your intensity nearing climax.  
I watch as you pull your hand from your waistband and sit up, this before you quickly move over me and straddle my face with your legs, grinding against me as your body begins to shudder in orgasm   wave after wave of sensation passes through you as your pelvis pushes deeply against my face, nose and chin.  i take breaths as I can, holding my head firmly in place for you to enjoy as you wish,,, my senses overwhelmed with your wetness as you finish directly over me.
you movements eventually slow, I do the same, though I have not climaxed…  you slowly lift your legs from my face when you are ready and turn,,, coming up my body and to my face with yours,,, you breathe deeply,,, my face awash with the mixed scent of your excitement and the nylon…  
your nose traces every inch of my face, inhaling deeply, attempting to catch the dissipating scent…  my eyes close, i feel your nose give way to your lips, enjoying the sensation as you kiss my neck, chin, cheeks, slowly making your way to my mouth,,, where you slow,,, your lips just brushing mine,,, then opening slightly to kiss me,,, i return the gesture… gently, slowly at first,,, then our tongues meet, the electric feeling as we give way to our passion,,, your hands take hold of my face as you kiss me more deeply,,, my hands wrap around your body and pull you against mine.   lustfully exploring each other now, we lay there and make out like teenagers for what seems like hours.
only when I begin reaching my hand between your legs do you pull back to regain your position as director.   
“Not yet” you scold,,,   you begin sitting up and turning around.
“now the part you have been waiting for” you smile as your heeled feet move towards me “enjoy them however you’d like” 
i watch you lean back on your elbows to enjoy the show
like christmas morning, I take your heel and gently slip it from your foot,,, the warm material and glorious smell hit me instantly.     i waste no time and quickly press your sole against my face, taking as much of you into my nose as I can,,, my lips press against the material and your skin,,, my eyes roll back… I am in heaven
I am careful not to linger too long, yet I want to enjoy each and every moment of it..    After several minutes I repeat the entire production with the other foot,,,,  you have laid back, having enjoyed the visual show,,, to now enjoy the pure sensation of my love for your feet… I watch as your hand returned beneath the waist band of your nylons,,, i turn myself around to gain a better view…  this time I enjoy the show with your toes in my mouth, back and forth,,, I kiss and lick each foot while you masturbate before me… this time finishing on your own.
i gently place your feet on the bed as you take a moment to recover…  your face flushed, you sit up and kiss me deeply before telling me it’s “my turn”
“Stand over there” you instruct.   I do as you ask, moving towards the desk where you had sat earlier… 
I watch you on the bed as you begin to peel the nylons from your waist,,,  you are visibly soaked as you pull the black material down each leg, straightening the leg coverings before tossing them towards me  
“put them on” you again instruct.
i look at you, assessing if I misunderstood your direction… you look back as if ready to scold me for not obeying…   I look back at your body,,, naked from the waist down… your beautiful legs before me…  how could I not?   I step forward and take the delicate material in my hands and begin to roll one leg up between my fingers.
you smile at my clumsiness,,, but I manage to get them on…  my erect cock looking incredibly out of place yet exposed beneath the thin sheer material.  i stand there, feeling slightly uncomfortable, awaiting your direction.
you say nothing and slip off the bed, walking over to me, around me, your arms wrapping around me and over my cock   “i like it” you whisper in my ear a you give my cock a quick squeeze.    
you then move across the room to your bag, opening it up and pulling out a black garter belt, black stocking, and red heels..  you return and sit on the edge of the bed right before me, laying your delicates neatly on the sheet beside you
you ask me to rub myself through the material as you put your stockings on… asking me how your nylons feel on my legs,,, and if I can feel the moisture from your excitement against my skin…   i do my best to answer you, but my attention is fixed on your actions,,, your legs once again encased in nylon, this time stockings,,, with your pussy bare and exposed to me… the precum from my cock soaking your nylons even more
you stand to complete the ensemble with the garter belt and red heels, then turn to face me
“do you like?” you ask.   
“I…”  i am speechless…  
“you have been such a good boy” you continue “I think it’s time i reward you”
i look on as you drop down before me… you eyes looking up at mine,,, I watch your lips press lightly against the head of my cock…   
“i think it looks sexy under these”  you comment, kissing it again on the shaft.   
My cock strains to feel your lips and you pull back, looking up at me as if to make clear that you will control the pace.
i am forced to stand there as your methodically tease and torture me with gentle kisses, tracing my length with your tongue.  the thin material incapable of absorbing the now steady stream of precum, but you simply lick it off me as it builds, smiling at me each time that you do…  you are driving me crazy and you know it.
eventually you take pity on me and lift your hands to the waist, slowly pulling the material from my cock and allowing me to spring forward…
“this is what you want, isnt it?” as you tilt your head to lick my shaft.   The sensation of your wet tongue directly against my skin makes my knees weak and my eyes close,,, only to open moments later as I feel you take my head into your warm mouth.  i look on as more and more of my length disappear into you mouth,,, slowly, and on each thrust, you take me in, making my cock feel amazing
and there I stand, in your previously worn nylons, receiving oral from you as you slide your hands up and down My nylon covered ass and thighs.   I want you so badly I ask if I may please return the favor,,, you take your time slowing and stand, kissing me, then motioning for me to climb on the bed.
I do and you position yourself over me, the nylons still stretched under my balls, you lay opposite, lowing yourself down on to my face so that I can properly taste you for the first time…  you return to my cock, stroking it and massaging my balls as you take me deep in your mouth,,,   I attempt to demonstrate my enjoyment and appreciation by pressing my tongue deep inside you and straining my neck to lick your ass for you,,, my hands running all over your stocking legs on either side of me,,,,  I want anything and everything you want, to show you how willing I am to pleasure you, your little slut. 
I extend my tongue and do my best to pleasure you with it,,, pushing it in and out of your sex,,,  hoping you will understand I want nothing more than to penetrate you and feel you…   You seem to know my intention and lift a leg off me,,,   turning, you lay beside me, your stocking legs wide open,,,   “fuck me” you exhale,,, your desires finally over -taking your need to direct and control me… 
beyond needing orders, i quickly rise to my knees and move between your legs,,,,  looking down at you, your legs wrap around me and i position the tip of my cock between your lips…  but you are in no mood to be teased,,, “fuck me, please,,,” you moan again…   taking hold of my neck and pulling me towards you, kissing me deeply,,,
I feel my body acting without thinking, feeling the warmth of you as my cock pushes its way inside you,,, your mouth against mine, you gasp and become motionless as I push my length inside you, then slowly begin thrusting
all the build-up, all the emails and photos,,,  all has culminated in this moment of lust… i am fucking you, my body positioned strong over yours, your legs open for me,,, I am thrusting my hips against your pelvis, my cock deep inside you,,, i watch your face and enjoy the fact I am pleasuring you,,,  fucking you, finally.

The most perfect legs and feet

…were sitting 2 seats away from me.    She was with someone, of course… but I hope he knew how lucky he was.

Perfect shape to her legs, very sexy calves, and from where I was seated, her black stockings looked as smooth as silk, extending gracefully from under her short black skirt.  yes – i probably stared a bit too much, but I did my best to hide it.

When she crossed her legs towards me, her arch seductively lifted from her black heel, the beautiful maternal darker and thicker down there,,, begging to be attended to.   I did my best to determine stockings or hose, her skirt had lifted quite high at one point, but my efforts were inconclusive.  … though based on the event and the outfit in general, I would put my money on stockings for sure!

In the end, I watched them leave, wondering what he had in store for her (or her for him) for the rest of the evening.  Loved that idea of him removing her jacket, lifting her skirt, and thoroughly enjoying whatever was underneath.

Dress up, cont.


When James returned, he seemed preoccupied.  A number of the others suggested he was still dealing with the loss of a family member.  I knew different.  He was simply paranoid that someone (mainly Me) has discovered his little secret.  He did seem especially funny towards me –assessing my reaction to him, looking at me after he made a joke, etc.  I tried my best to act normally but knowing what I did about how he fantasized about me made it hard.


There he was trying his best not to look directly at me and I was trying hard to catch him checking me out.  Not sure why,,, maybe I wanted to let him know it was okay,,, or maybe I just needed to know he still wanted me.


A week passed and things began to return to normal.  I came to the conclusion that he was waiting for the inevitable, and the more time that passed, the less likely it was that anything was going to happen.


I on the other had was still making my way through his collection of fantasies and was finding myself more and more attracted to him, even lusting for him to act out some of his fantasies with me.


His continued avoidance of me had me trying harder and harder to get his attention.  Sure, I guess what I was doing could have been called teasing but I was looking for some sort of reaction, anything, to prove as a confirmation that he truly felt the way his stories suggested he did.   I wanted to know if he was just full of talk or would he back it up with action (….hours and hours of action)


Unfortunately my various low-cut blouses and even skirt outfits didn’t seem to get much of a reaction from him.  As yet another week passed I had become almost obsessed with seducing him.


I was wearing my fuck-me panties to work on a regular basis now, (which made me even more crazy and hot).  I found myself in the bathroom at least twice each day, bringing myself to climax while picturing one of the various scenarios in which his dick slid in and out of my yearning pussy.


I became very aware of how immersed in the situation I had become when I was nearly caught at my desk with my hand up my skirt, recalling how James fucked me in the ass while I ate out the summer intern.


I resolved to stop my sexual obsession for the good of my career.  But like any other addiction, they are hard to break…  I found myself back in the bathroom stall with my hand in my pussy before the day had ended.  I was addicted.


I convinced myself the only cure was the real thing.  I planned out an elaborate scheme to ensure I would get the opportunity to have him, finally.  It wasn’t overly complicated but it was bold and straight forward.  I didn’t have the patience for anything else.


A week later I headed home just after lunch to showered and dressed for the evening’s activities.


Black stockings and garter belt framed by a very sexy lace g-string.  A matching bra pushed my breasts up and out of the white blouse with a few too many buttons undone.  My pinstriped jacket and skirt added a seductive layer to what lay underneath, as did the 3 “ black heels that I had bought the night before.  I was dressed as close as I possibly could to what he had described in one of my most favorite stories.  If he didn’t take me like this, he wasn’t the true author of those fantasies.


I arrived back at the office at 4:45.  Being a Friday, most of the staff was heading out the door.  I did get a few looks form some of the co-workers, (returning to work more made up and well dressed than earlier in eth day)  but I paid little attention and made my way to my desk.


Picking up the files I had set aside,  I made my way to his office.


‘Ready to go?”  I asked


I watched his eyes dart up and down as his brain tried to recall what I had been wearing that morning.  As soon as he noticed what he was doing, his eyes quickly lowered back to his work.  “Yep, just one minute”


His reaction was encouraging for me.  I could feel I was going to have him.


We set up in the board room – tucked away towards the back of the office, so we wouldn’t be disturbed.


“Thanks again for meeting me to discuss this project.  You’re sure your wife wont mind you being late on a Friday night?”


“No, she is with the kids at her parents place tonight so…”


“Great, lets get started”


I began reviewing the project I had little interest in.  I was quick to get up and begin moving around, using the white board, sitting on the table, bending over to pick up markers that had ‘accidentally’ fallen to the floor.


He would have to of been dead to not notice my skirt riding up my legs.   At one point I bent over directly in front of him, feeling the cool air on the back of my thighs, I waited, hoping he would reach out and touch me, making this silly game I was playing unnecessary, but  he behaved himself, as I expected he would.  Nevertheless, I was enjoying the journey, knowing I would eventually win out.


At 7, I suggested we order some dinner and by 7:30 we were taking a break.  Sitting on the same side of the board table, I turned my chair to face him and crossed my legs, making sure my skirt had ridden high enough to expose the top of my stocking.  I watched him struggle as he tried to focus on my face.  He wanted so desperately to look down.


I could tell it was time to begin my final approach.  I directed the conversation as I had planned.  Discussing the outfit of one rather fashion-dense older women that worked down the hall.


As planned, I was able to bring the conversation back to my outfit and commented on my shoes.  “I think they look great but they kill my feet.”


I clearly offered him the opportunity to look at my legs.  Looking down myself, I repositioned my legs to model my shoes and was noticed the skin of my upper thigh peek out form under my skirt, the full top of my stocking and garter clasp now in full view.


I could feel my crotch tingle as I slid my heel off and begun rubbing my foot.


“Right in here – it aches, your so lucky you don’t have to wear heels.”  I continued.


My attention still focusing on my foot, massaging it, my legs beginning to part as I adjusted in my chair.  I suspected he could now see clearly up my skirt to my panties.


My head lowered so he couldn’t see my eyes, I strained to look towards his crotch, the bugle was obvious as his torso remained motionless.


Not wanting to startle him, I slowly sat back up and stretched my back.

“God, I would pay to get a good foot massage right now”.  I finally looked directly at his face.  His eyes glazed, his expression was priceless.


I waited, half expecting him to pounce on me and half expecting he would run for the door.  Instead he just sat there.   When a polite smile crossed his face it became clear to me – I would have to initiate things.


“James, I hate to ask.  It is a bit inappropriate, and feel free to say no but… would you be willing to…”  I moved my stocking foot towards him.
“Ummm.  I’m really not sure I should”


It was obvious he wanted to.  It was as if he was testing me to see what I was going to say.


I didn’t give him time to continue “…’cause it would really mean a lot if you would just help me out.  Just this one time. “


He reluctantly started shaking his head so I continued


“And I know you’re probably thinking it’s like, you know, maybe a bit inappropriate,,, but I promise this will stay between me and you.  No one else will ever know”


I extended my stocking leg out and placed my right foot on top of his thigh.   I watched as he stared at it, his reaction suggesting he could not believe what was happening.


“Just a bit.  I sooo need a little foot massage right now.”  I smiled at him, my smile screaming that I wanted him to touch me.


This time there was no response.  He sat quietly staring at my foot, my toes wiggling seductively on his leg.


He was close.  I could tell.


“Just a little bit – just for a minute.”  I gave him the finally nudge he needed.


His hands slowly extended and his fingers wrapped around my warm foot.  I let out a slight moan, completely unintentionally, which seem to encourage him.  Slowly his thumbs began to massage my sole.  His fingers holding my foot tightly as if he was determined not to let me leave.


I watched him enjoy my feet.  I had never even considered a man having a foot fetish until reading his stories.  And looking back, it is quite possible his stories had created a similar, opposing fetish within me.


The bulge in his pants had grown steadily so I decided it was time to move the evening forward.  I let my foot drop to the floor and removed my left shoe.


He watched me as I positioned my left foot on his lap and smiled.


“This one too?”  he asked.


“Of course, we have to be fair now”  I smiled back.


This time I slid forward in my chair and lifted my right foot back up and placed it between his legs, resting against his now very hard cock.


At first his hands slowed.  I expected he was simply overwhelmed so I started slowly, rubbing him from side to side.  I watched his focus switch between my two feet – the one he was attending to and the other that was attending to him!


For a long while he simple stared down and the pair of stocking clad feet he was playing with.  I was amazed at his passiveness – he didn’t seem at all interested in accelerating things or scaring me off.  So I happily let him take his time.


It didn’t take long before I was becoming anxious for more.  My foot rubbing his cock was now firmly pleasuring his entire length.  A small wet spot had formed through his pants and I was doing my best to encourage it to grow in size.


I got the feeling he could tell I was wanting more and he finally looked up at me.   I was waiting for him with a seductive smile.  My hand slid across my chest and gently pushed my blouse open to expose my bra and cleavage.


“Don’t stop” was all I said.


My eyes closed as my head dropped back.  I wanted to give him the ability to look at me and do as he pleased without feeling like he was being watched.


He was finally past the point of needing encouragement.


In fact, I was slightly surprised to feel him finally take the lead as he lifted my foot up towards his face, gently rubbing my toes against his lips.  I could feel his breath as he inhaled in my scent.  His lips gently touched each of my toes before kissing their down the middle of my sole.


A smile crossed my face as I knew this was exactly what he had wanted, what he had dreamed about.  Knowing I was making his fantasy a reality was an incredible turn on for me.  I felt my body take control of itself, my right hand now massaging my breast as my left had slid up between my legs, pulling my skirt up to begin rubbing my soaking wet panties.


I felt him slowly caress and kiss my stocking foot.  Each toe was gently being placed in his mouth as his tongue explored the feel and taste of me.   If I wasn’t already aroused, this was doing it.  My fingers slipped around my panties and I felt my own skin.  I had no idea if he was watching me or not but I hoped he was.  I desperately wanted to perform for him while he licked my feet.


I was about to climax when I felt my leg lowering.  Before I could lift my head to protest he spoke


Don’t stop.


What choice did I have.  I continued pleasuring myself while waiting for what he had in store.


I felt my foot rest on his lap as the other felt him shift and lower his zipper.


“Yes – here we go” I thought to myself.


Within moments both my feet were sandwiching his shaft as he guided them up and down in a slow, deliberate rhythm.


I could feel the strength in his hands as he held my ankles tightly.  His breathing had changed, he was fully immersed in this now.  I wanted desperately to see his face and watch as he pleasured himself with my feet.


Slowly my head came forward and the blood began to rush back to my head.  As my eyes cleared I saw him staring at me intently.  His eyes burning with passion as his hands continued to move faster and faster up and down his cock.


I tore my eyes from his to look down.  Adding the image to the sensation I was feeling, my black stocking feet were devouring his long, hard cock on each stroke.  The pre cum was flowing out of him and down on to my arches, though my feet were moving too quickly for me to see the details.


My pussy was on fire as my head spun.  I was so aroused I wasn’t thinking straight, but I didn’t care.  My mouth began to speak.


“I want you inside of me” I heard myself say.


He just continued to stare, jerking himself off with my feet.


His lack of response made me even hotter.  I could feel myself losing control.  “Please” I begged.  “Please, please fuck me.”


I felt his hands grip me tightly as he stocked himself a few last times before quickly pushing my feet to the floor.


He stood quickly, not giving me any time to react. He took my hand and had me stand, turn and sit down on the edge of the table.  I knew it was finally time.  I laid myself back and opened my legs wide. I felt him forcefully pull my panties to the side before feeling the tip of his cock press against me.


“Oh god” I mumbled, half consciously.  My eyes rolled back and closed, wanting to simple feel the experience.


He pressed himself in slowly, an inch, if that, before taking my legs and positioning them up in the air.


With my stocking legs spread wide open for him, I felt him slowly begin pressing inside of me.  Inch by inch he sunk deeper and deeper into my sex.  I stretched to accommodate him.  Feeling him move deeper until his body pressed against mine.  I let out a moan as he paused, fully inside me.  He moved my legs, I felt his lips against my calf.  His other hand stroking my leg up and down.


His body began to move.  He was fucking me.  Finally.  The man that I had wanted for so long now was inside of me, pressing deep against me and pleasuring me as he enjoyed my stocking legs.


I could feel he was close, the build up after all had been intense.  I looked up to see his tongue gently skidding up my stocking foot.  It may have been the hottest thing I had ever seen.


I lowered my hand to my clit and began rubbing myself.    It was going to be quick for me as well.


“I… Want you… to cum on my…. Stockings… “ I managed between thrusts.

I saw him nod in agreement, his face indicating it would not be long now.

I could feel myself at the brink of my own climax bit was determined to wait for him.


Luckily for me I didn’t have to wait long.  I felt my legs lowering and him pulling away from me.  I did my best to help by turning on the table and positioning my legs for what was coming.


I lifted my head to watch.   My fingers now frantically rubbing myself past the point of no return.  Just as my orgasm began, I saw the thick streams of white cum fall against the black material of my stockings.  Stream after stream coated me, though I did not see as my head had fallen back when my own body continued to shudder in ecstasy.


It was several moments before I lifted my head to look at him.  His cock had softened slightly as it gently rubbed the cum into my stocking leg.


I smiled at him.  “Did you enjoy that?”


“I did, yes.”


“Good” I responded.  “I had a feeling you would.”


“You know…” he started.  I looked up to see a smile crossing his face.


“…accessing files on a computer leaves a time stamp.  As does your access to the alarm code for the office.  Looks like you stayed quite late that night you took my personal files, you must have enjoyed what you read…”



Want more?  Contact me and let me know you are reading.  I have lots of stories I have not yet published and I am thinking about doing an ebook.  Would love your feedback.  Thanks!

Dress up

>>> written by a female friend of mine

I figured I would submit this experience as I had no idea that erotic stories were so prevalent on the web.   Then I was talking with you and with your blog…

I am a female in my late 20s. I consider myself to be attractive.  I eat very well and run or work out daily.    I have an office job that is typical.  A normal life

My adventure begun when a coworker was on vacation.  James seemed like a nice enough guy.  He was married with a kid.  Good looking, well built.  The kind of guy I would probably makeout with if drunk at a Christmas party – if he weren’t married of course ;-)

As it turned out, he had an Aunt pass away and was granted 3 days leave to travel for the memorial.  It was a very busy time of year within our organization, but as another coworker put it, “you cant control when old people will die”.

The 2nd day he was away, the full blown crisis hit and a rather significant financial report became corrupt.    We came to the consensus that the original must be on James’ computer.  Thinking nothing of it, I made my way to his work area to begin my search for the original and was surprised to find the PC protected by a password.  I wasn’t aware of any others in the office with passwords but given the responsibilities James had, I guessed it seemed appropriate.

The password delayed things further but within an hour we had tracked him down and I called him.

It seemed strange that he was so reluctant to provide me his password, instead trying for at least 15 minutes to repair the corrupted file while on the phone.  Eventually, he begun to understand his original was the only option and I sensed he knew not providing the password would raise more questions.  Finally, I gave him my word I wouldn’t ‘screw up his PC’ and it would be just me that would retrieve it.  He finally spelt out the obscure series of numbers and letter I needed and I was looking at his well organized desktop.

By this point I found it amusing.    He was now more than willing to help direct me quickly and efficiently to the appropriate folder.  I found the file and he requested numerous times for me to properly ‘lock’ his machine before leaving it.    I did and with that, he seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.  Unfortunately for him, my curiosity had been peaked.

Despite being an attractive, young female, I’m not an idiot.  I know the things that boys do on computers and could only assume James didn’t want anyone to know what he had been up to.  Then again, maybe it was something else.

Looking back, if it were anyone else, I wouldn’t have cared.  In fact, if it had been some of the men in the office I would have tried my best to forget about it.  But with James… curiosity was getting the better of me.  What was he hiding?

I waited until 5 when nearly everyone had left.   I made my way back to his desk and sat down in his chair.  The soft leather cradled me as I felt a spark of excitement building deep down.   I was intrigued by what I might find or learn about him.  He was married, maybe he was having an affair.  Maybe it was just porn. but then what type?… what smut did he like looking at… what did a guy like James get off to?

I looked around.  The office was quiet.   I could feel my heart racing.  I knew this was very wrong, on many levels, but I had to know.

It took me a few tries to remember his password exactly but I’m blessed with a memory for that sort of thing, despite it complexity.

Again, I found myself staring at his neatly organized desktop.  The first several minutes turned up nothing.  In fact, it made him seem rather boring.  His My Documents folder was practically empty as was his internet browsing history and recent documents.  Maybe a bit too clean?  He was definitely nervous to allow me access so there must be something.  I started to get creative.

A search for the typical sexual related words and file sizes turned up nothing.  Then a search for files modified with the last few days seemed to reveal more.

A series of zipped folders with passwords were tucked away in an obscure directory.   “Got him!” – I thought to myself.

A quick copy and past to the network and I was back at the comfort of my own desk, searching out password recovery programs.

I’m am often amazed at the ease at which one can bypass a password.  Apparently James was not as knowledgeable.  He should have known better!

I knew what I was expecting, or rather, ‘hoping’ to find   And at this point I can be honest with myself and say why…  I had a bit of a thing for him.  He was a good looking man.  Athletic.  Attractive.   But given his marital situation (and not being a home wrecker) I would never have acted on my desires.  That is, until I began to read a document titled with my name…

A range of emotions pass through me as my eyes darted through the document.  Initially I felt sickened and furious, but I was aware of a strange feeling… my reaction was not really ‘me’.   It was what I thought I should feel.   IN reality, I was flattered, even a little excited.


I read on and learnt of an apparent ‘fictional’ character that just happened to share my exact name and physical attributes.  This woman teased and taunted a married office worked named Jim.  She would purposely bend over and flash her stocking tops at him, secretly wanting him to fuck her after everyone else had gone home.  Skipping down a number of pages, the content became very explicit.  I was a little shocked, yet incredibly interested to see myself portrayed in such a way.  I couldn’t turn away.

40 minutes and several files later, I found a story which featured me begging Jim for my job after he found me looking at porn.  The irony made me laugh out loud.  I looked around but I was now the only one left in the office.

I continued reading to learn that I was willing to do “anything” to keep my job and subsequently knelt down in front of him and begun sucking his self-proclaimed “mammoth dick”.

It wasn’t so much his portraying me a slut or idiot that frustrated me, rather that he was having these types of fantasies while I stayed at arms length given his marital status.   Not that I was willing to do everything he had thought of, there were days I would have loved to sucked him off in the bathroom, mammoth dick or not.  But he was married,,, and I had always seen that as a definite no-fly zone.

I continued to scan through document after document.  Various coworkers – named and described in detail – performed a variety of explicit sexual activities.  A few trends became quickly evident.  1) I seemed to be a main character (having been with nearly every other young woman in the office as well as the coffee shop barista across the street) and 2) James had an apparent fetish for stockings.

I did wear skirts about ½ the time but I never wore stockings.  I didn’t know any women that actually did wear them to work, especially in this office.

I noticed my work outfits were described in surprisingly accurate detail… except for the underwear that I donned underneath.  Where I wore simple cotton panties and nylons, James seemed to think (or wish) I adorned garter belts, stockings and sheer and lace g-strings.  Not that I didn’t possess more exciting lingerie, but again, I didn’t tend to wear them to work.

Im not quite sure when my “anger” towards James and the situation dissipated but it was nearly 7pm when I found myself rather “in” to a particular story where the roles had been reversed.  James had Christine (the receptionist) and me standing above him, in full control and sexually tormenting him with our stocking clad legs and feet.  I had been reading for a few hours now and I noticed I was getting excited more and more often.

Looking back, it seemed to happen subconsciously – a quick look around to ensure I was still alone and I slipped my hand down my pants and felt the moisture that had mounted since beginning the story.  I continued, glued to the story, gently touching myself as I read on.

Christine and I would take turns kissing each other and rubbing our feet against James’ face.  I felt the waves of excitement tingle through my clit as I began rubbing it harder.  Putting a physical sensation to the words of the story describing how I lowered my throbbing pussy down on to his face.

By the time I reached the actual fucking in the story my finger was sliding in and out of my now very-wet slit.

He chose to fuck me first (which seemed most common) while I went down on a very passive Christine.

I slid my finger deep into my pussy and closed my eyes for a moment, picturing the situation as he described it.  My legs began to tingle as my climax neared.  It was surprising to me as it often took actual sex to get me off.  I struggled with logical reason, knowing I should stop yet being incapable of pulling my finger from my now soaking vagina.  I pushed it as deep as I could and held it, imagining him puling my hips tight to his as he orgasmed inside me.

I nearly fell off my chair as I came – I instantly became aware I had left out a rather loud moan during my trance and tried desperately to recover.  Slowly my senses came back to me and I looked back at the screen – my name jumping out at me from the glowing text.

Still clouded from my climax, I began to assess my options but stopped myself as I realized the obvious.  I first needed to copy the stories and leave absolutely no trace that I had seen or read them.

15 minutes later, the entire collection was stored on a USB drive and I was locking the office door on my way home


That night was an exhausting one.  I lost count of how many times I came while reading about my apparently unquenchable need to fuck.  I had masturbated to the thought of fucking and being fucked by other women…  to being tied down and dominated and flogged, to being fucked in the ass, the tits, the feet, and along the top of my stocking tops.  Topics that at any other time would have made me very uncomfortable, for some reason now I was purposely picturing in my own head and used to the scenes to reach climax.

It was sometime after 3AM when I finally passed out, vibrators spread around me on my bed and my laptop thrown aside.  I drifted off to sleep as I imagined him on top of me, fucking me hard as I was held down.

To be cont…

Any interest in stocking stories for sale?

Its been a while – work has been insane which brings me to this post. I have now amassed a mountain of writing – some I’ve posted online (various sites) but most are still waiting and ready to be published in a book (a long term goal of mine). All my stories are of the same type – stockings, sex, legs, sex, heels, more sex, offices, schools, dresses, skirts, still more sex… – have a read and you’ll understand my approach.

So my thought – rather than traditional publishing, what if I were to sell online?  Would any readers be interested in purchasing my stories electronically (either individually or grouped together)?  I’m thinking a couple bucks or something straightforward – there is no overhead after all.

Drop me a line if you are interested. Thanks for reading and I hope to have a few of my new stories posted very soon (time permitting).  Thanks all and I always like to hear from like minded people.


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