Where to begin – the beginning.

I was just a kid, 7 or 8, and had a babysitter.  Now before you think incestual thoughts, hear me out.  We had a coffee table that I would play under.  Naturally feet would sit on the lower shelf which happened to be where I would play.

I clearly remember sniffing nylon feet and noticing the that distinct smell – the mixture of nylon, leather heels and natural odor.

I’ve since concluded that my crawling within the confined space, teh subsequent rubbing of my dick against the table… the feet within my face…   a fetish was born.  (Any psych majors out there are welcome to comment)

Since then – a number of memorable events through my life.  Growing up in a church there was never a shortage of nylon legs.  Only now do I think back and wonder who was wearing stockings under their dresses.

Sunday school one morning we had a special speaker in our small group.  He brought his daughter who, of course, was wearing a skirt and hose.  They sat across the room from my friend and me – her father talking about God knows what.  I didn’t dare stare as she was sitting beside him but as we finished up, during a prayer, my friend gave me a shove and I looked to see him nod towards her.  She had opened her legs slightly and I could clearly see pink cotton panties between her tan hose.  I assumed she did this thinking no one would notice her flashing us during a prayer.  She was clearly flashing us.  I couldn’t help but stare.  She kept her head down the entire time, although I could see a smile on her face.  Yes, she clearly knew what she was doing.  Lesson learnt – good girls can do very bad things.

A few years later I had another experience.  By this point I was into my teen years and was being bombarded with sexual stimulation.  This was before the internet so department store catalogs were your best source for jerk-off fodder.  Christmas was especially good as many retailers would send out “special” gift flyers.  Page after page of lingerie.  It was literally hours of fun.

I was in a larger department store (shopping with my mother).  It was later in the evening and things were wrapping up.  I was waiting for her to purchase some gifts when a store clerk came over to a number of stock boxes on the floor (restocking for the next morning).  She sat on the floor – commenting to my mother about how long a day it had been.  I hadn’t paid much attention to her before that, she was probably mid 30’s and average looking with a modest length skirt and sweater – not exactly a teen boy’s fantasy.  But as she say on the floor, her legs to the side, her skirt rode up clearly exposing her stocking top and garter strap.  Memorized, I stared.  Neither my mother nor the woman seemed to notice.  Tan stockings with a white garter, and on an average looking retail clerk!  To that point I had assumed stockings were for sex and fancy dress up events.  I would never look at any woman wearing leg coverings the same way again – never judge a book by its cover.

Fast-forward to today and the apparently busy lifestyles of most women who lazily elect to wear pantyhose over stockings.  Although (we must recognize) in some ways, it does make a stocking sighting that much more special!

I look forward to sharing some of my stories with you and invite you to share any tales, links and/or pics with me as well.  I am constantly bewildered by the lack of stocking stories sites on the net.  A plethora of stocking pics and movies dominate but I feel there is still something to be said for letting us create the mental images on our own through the power of words.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!


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