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i knock on the door and you open, standing aside for me to enter.

the expectations have been made clear in advance and although I am doing my best to “check you out”, I walk past and make my way into the darkened room as I you have previously instructed me.
i hear the door close and turn to look at you, again I am impeded – you have drawn the curtains to the room and my eyes are still adjusting to the darkness… yours, however, are working just fine…  as I stand there I feel your hand slide across my chest   “take it off” you instruct, referring to my shirt.

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The most perfect legs and feet

…were sitting 2 seats away from me.    She was with someone, of course… but I hope he knew how lucky he was.

Perfect shape to her legs, very sexy calves, and from where I was seated, her black stockings looked as smooth as silk, extending gracefully from under her short black skirt.  yes – i probably stared a bit too much, but I did my best to hide it.

When she crossed her legs towards me, her arch seductively lifted from her black heel, the beautiful maternal darker and thicker down there,,, begging to be attended to.   I did my best to determine stockings or hose, her skirt had lifted quite high at one point, but my efforts were inconclusive.  … though based on the event and the outfit in general, I would put my money on stockings for sure!

In the end, I watched them leave, wondering what he had in store for her (or her for him) for the rest of the evening.  Loved that idea of him removing her jacket, lifting her skirt, and thoroughly enjoying whatever was underneath.

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Dress up, cont.


When James returned, he seemed preoccupied.  A number of the others suggested he was still dealing with the loss of a family member.  I knew different.  He was simply paranoid that someone (mainly Me) has discovered his little secret.  He did seem especially funny towards me –assessing my reaction to him, looking at me after he made a joke, etc.  I tried my best to act normally but knowing what I did about how he fantasized about me made it hard.


There he was trying his best not to look directly at me and I was trying hard to catch him checking me out.  Not sure why,,, maybe I wanted to let him know it was okay,,, or maybe I just needed to know he still wanted me. Continue reading

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Dress up

>>> written by a female friend of mine

I figured I would submit this experience as I had no idea that erotic stories were so prevalent on the web.   Then I was talking with you and with your blog…

I am a female in my late 20s. I consider myself to be attractive.  I eat very well and run or work out daily.    I have an office job that is typical.  A normal life Continue reading

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Any interest in stocking stories for sale?

Its been a while – work has been insane which brings me to this post. I have now amassed a mountain of writing – some I’ve posted online (various sites) but most are still waiting and ready to be published in a book (a long term goal of mine). All my stories are of the same type – stockings, sex, legs, sex, heels, more sex, offices, schools, dresses, skirts, still more sex… – have a read and you’ll understand my approach.

So my thought – rather than traditional publishing, what if I were to sell online?  Would any readers be interested in purchasing my stories electronically (either individually or grouped together)?  I’m thinking a couple bucks or something straightforward – there is no overhead after all.

Drop me a line if you are interested. Thanks for reading and I hope to have a few of my new stories posted very soon (time permitting).  Thanks all and I always like to hear from like minded people.

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the conference

Excuse the grammatical errors, a quick effort…

I spit the mouthwash into the sink and looking at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe I was about to go through with it.  My mind couldn’t, that is… my dick was more than ready and given its size, I understood why I was feeling so light headed.  Careful to make one last fix of my hair and I was walking out the door of my room.

Down the hall to the elevator.

A family was there waiting.  I did have a fleeting moment of guilt – seeing the husband and wife together.  Had he ever cheated on his wife, or her on him? Continue reading

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A blog devoted to the love of stockings, more specifically a woman in stockings.

Where to begin. This is the first posting I have made although I have written tens of stories involving stocking sex.

Where to begin – well, the beginning. I was just a kid, 7 or 8, and had a babysitter. Now before you think incestual thoughts, hear me out. We had a coffee table that I would play under. Naturally feet would sit on the lower shelf which happened to be where I would play. I clearly remember sniffing nylon feet and noticing the that distinct smell – the mixture of nylon, leather heels and natural odor. My assumption is that, as I was crawling within the confined space, my dick was rubbing against the table etc and a fetish was born. Any psych majors out there are welcome to comment. Continue reading


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